The ExMo Candle Co.

lighting outer darkness together

We make ex-Mormon candles

We are Jen (exmo) and Adri (nevermo), and we make candles for our fellow apostates. Each of our candles is hand-poured with absolute love for the person it will go to. Because however else we might be different, we’ve shared a journey through and out of Mormonism, and that makes us family.

My boyfriend and I just received the espresso molten fudge “Recommend Buster” candle and we are OBSESSED. It smells just like walking into a specialty coffee shop, with a kick of sin. Would recommend for any young couple cohabitating outside of matrimony. ❤️


Fairfax, Virginia

I found my new go-to brand for gifts as well as for my own enjoyment. I love ExMo candles! Their scents are on par with candles in department stores costing twice as much. Also, if you want a conversation starter for your coffee table, look no further. I’m convinced other candles go to bed at night dreaming of becoming an ExMo candle one day.


Arlington, Virginia

I was not prepared to love these candles quite as much as I did! Before I even got them open, I was impressed with the packaging and presentation. How perfect is the tagline, “Lighting Outer Darkness Together”? As a fellow exmo (ex-Mormon), I appreciate this so much. When you walk away from a high-demand religion that has dictated the course of your entire life, it feels lonely and scary. To use a catchphrase from the temple, it’s like being thrust into the “lone and dreary world”. Finding others who’ve experienced the same thing is healing and validating, and the Exmo Candle Co. is the embodiment of that idea.

The names of the candles are humorous and spot on! And of course, the scents! I received “Tapir Saddle” and “Mormon (A Major Victory for Satan)”. Both scents are absolutely phenomenal! “Tapir Saddle” has me feeling like I’m traveling across prairie lands on a tapir with a leather saddle and a flaming sword, and “Mormon” is boozy, sweet, and spicy, just the way Satan would like! Need a gift for your favorite exmo? Look no further! I can’t wait to try the other scents in this beautiful collection.


Mesa, Arizona

We believe ex-Mormon candles to be instruments of healing as far as they are lit correctly; we also believe taffy-pulling to be an instrument of healing.

Spring Scents

For every season there is a candle, and a fragrance for every mood under the heaven. These ex-Mormon candles are spring itself. From the green tea and lemongrass of “Lamaniando y Lemueliando”, to the lavender and morning dew of “Second Saturday Bliss”, if you’re looking for fresh smelling spring candles, we’ve got you covered.


Lamaniando y Lemueliando

(our first Spanish language candle!)


Court of Love


Worthy AF


Second Saturday Bliss

The 14 Articles of Candle Use

You’ll need to do a few things to get the most out of your ex-Mormon candle. Articles 1 – 7 will help your candle last longer and perform its best. 8 – 14 are for safety.

(1)  We believe in trimming our wicks to 1/4″ between each burn.

(2)  We believe in allowing our candles to burn for a maximum of four hours at a time.

(3)  We believe in returning the lids to our candles between burns.

(4)  We believe in avoiding using candles in drafty areas.

(5)  We believe in keeping random debris out of the melted wax.

(6)  We believe in upcycling our candle jars!

(7)  We believe, having consulted a seer stone, that leaving positive reviews of exmo candles will bring excellent karma and increase the performance of all the candles we own henceforth and forever, because positive reviews really are the best, amen and amen.

(8)  We believe in burning candles where we can see them.

(9)  And we do not believe in burning candles under curtains or near other flammable objects.

(10)  We believe in burning our candles on flat surfaces.

(11)  We believe in making sure the jar isn’t too hot before lifting a lit candle.

(12)  We believe that if we use water to extinguish our candle, we could actually cause it to explode. So we believe that’s a really, really bad idea.

(13)  We believe in padding this list so we can have exactly 14 Articles.

(14)  We believe in keeping pets and small children away from burning candles.




Ex-Mormon Mad Libs

Gimme a verb! Gimme a noun! Gimme a song title!

You like being an ex-Mormon, and you like mad libs…but have you ever tried ex-Mormon mad libs? Every Thursday at 6:00 PM EST, we send a brand new exmo lib to our email subscribers.

Inspired by Book of Mormon stories, hymns, Mormon cultural practices, and more, these are sure to give you deep, apostate belly laughs.

Last thing, because we love you…

What’s this, you ask? And what does it have to do with candles? Believe it or not, it’s not some frat-house invention or a recipe recovered from Pompeii.

It’s called a candlestick salad, and it’s a dessert wholesome enough to be featured in the December 2008 Friend, the Mormon Church’s children’s magazine.

We like our ex-Mormon candles better…

lighting outer darkness together

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